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It appears that there has been some time since the last posting regarding this product. Let me assure all that there has been NO improvement regarding its lack of quality, performance or the attitude of their management group.
2 weeks after installation and the adhesive is still liquid. The only adhesion is actually a suction lock but the tiles do come up.
When contacted, their "tech service manager" sounded like a second rate shill artist. It was everybody and everything else's fault, except there's.
The only satisfaction that may be gained is their lose of clients. I have notified both Lowe's and Home Depot with the hope that they will see the error of their ways and dump (appropriate term) this company. If you are also experiencing the pain, notify your supplier, tell them of the problem and suggest that if they value their reputation they get rid of this canned disaster.

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I can tell you're pretty mad.:furious: First of all, It's Custom Building Products, not Capital. The Home Despot.....ah..ah Depot sells it. I don't think it's any worse than any other mastic however. What did you use it for? What kind of tiles, wall or floor? Who selected the product?

Mastic should only be used for vertical installations on dry areas, and never to install tiles on floors, wet or dry....never.

Yes, you now know that most manufacturers of these products have a problem telling the truth. They all lie about the use of most mastics. And you also know those store have buyers that have no idea what products are used for. All they know is how to force the manufacturers to give lower and lower prices. The buyers in the tile department don't know much about tiles.:censored:

As far as the big box store go. Most of the people there start out know nothing about tile or floor coverings. They learn as they go, and most often they learn to recommend the wrong products. Didn't you know that most of the workers there don't know anything? Why did you buy your stuff there? Why didn't you buy the materials at a real tile shop?

Well, I know the reason and I must admit I shop at those places too. I just never ask for advice, not even which aisles things are located.

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