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OMG A Smart Measuring Tool with Bluetooth

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Hi, guys. After grabbing a laser measure, I found it's rly easy to use but just now see a vid about a new-released measuring tool which comes with bluetooth function. It claims that its
Bluetooth compatibality allows you to transfer measurement data between the device and your phone through Bluetooth and the Android or iOS application.

Is technology moving too fast or just me, too out of date?
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A very expensive toy, unless you are a Realtor or assessor. I have a friend who is a Realtor and she is able to rent the Leica Disto level from the local Realtor board and use with the RoomScan app.

At least with RoomScan, you just walk around the room, touch the walls with your phone and it automatically connects the lines.

This tech has gotten down in price, compared to what it was two years ago. Even better is now you can get the Flir One that works for iPhones and Android OS phones.
as greg stated its not really a diy' er tool, its geard toward the pro. . i own a cheap bosch laser measure. about the only time i use it is when measuring up sq footages for flooring,
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woodworkbykirk, check out the Roomscanapp. It is pretty accurate. Especially if you have a bunch of odd corners, etc.. You have to hit the second wall that you did, after going around the room to get the points. Then it gives you all of the info and you can go in and edit stuff and make notes.
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