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Older Concrete Block House Painting

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This should be fun. I'm in N Florida.

1967 CB house was probably originally painted in oil-base. Re-painted with cheap latex, which peeled, esp in places where it was painted in direct sunlight.

I pressure washed with a whirlybird (rotating red nozzle) at 3200 took off what would come off. Took out some mortar at the joints! Also noticed that a week or so later, the water had gotten under the paint and lifted it a bit in some places. Washed it again, and decided to remove the rest mechanically.

OK, I'm not sure of the process, so I'd like to just run down what I plan to do and with what.

Please jump in and comment!

Soffit/fascia: This is plywood, and am using a hand scraper to get off old paint. Is there some sort of powered way of doing this?

Also, decided against using body putty to spackle gaps (may work loose), and was just going to use paintable silicone caulk.

Primer: do I have to if I'm using a good Valspar paint?

CB Walls:

Efflourescence: dilute muriatic, or use something else?

Cracks/missing mortar at block joints: I'm leery about just using caulk (elastomeric?). OK for the cracks, I guess, but I don't know if I should be re-pointing mortar or using something like epoxy you mix with water? I've also got some chips at the corners of some of the blocks.

Final washing (by hand, with scrub brush): Use TSP?

Primer: I heard to use Acrylic Block Fill. But will this stick to old oil-base paint, and is it the right primer for elastomeric paint?

Paint: Elastomeric. By hand.

Well, there it all is. You'd think that I could just waltz into my local paint store and get the process down pat with the sales guy. No such luck. They just want to sell paint. :whistling2:

I really need your help! :thumbsup: