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Old White Westinghouse oven door hinges misaligned

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I have an old white westinghouse oven and the hinges are misaligned... It still closes, but not tightly. And if I pull it open just a little bit, it just falls straight down.
I am unable to take the door off because it won't lock into place.
Anyone know if this can be fixed easily? Or will I need new hinges? If so, does anyone know the name of these hinges?

Thank you in advance.


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Did you try the locks in the opposite position. It looks like they are not locked in. The lock looks to have been beaten on. Try to flip them 90 deg up.
Yeah.. They locks don't flip up over the hooks. The hinges don't go down any further.
You may can google a schematic of the oven, but my money is on a broken set of springs that assist the door in closing.
Will do. Thanks
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts