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old stained glass chuch window

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need help on restoring historical church windows.
one pane on one window broke all of the caulking or glazing is weathering off what should I use to reseal the panes to the wood?
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if they are truly historic find an expert restorer before you do anymore inadvertent damage to them
One pane on one window "broke", as in the glass broke, or "one pane on one window broke all of the caulking or glazing which is weathering off". Either way I suppose, whether you have the original pane or are getting a new pane, learn how to glaze windows with real glazing putty. I do HandyMan work in my area and I (thankfully) learned how to glaze windows years ago from my Granddad. I get calls from owners of older homes with real wood windows to re-glaze these windows due to the old glazing just plain peeling off after many years. This is me-I never use the new glazing material in the caulk tube, period. I use glazing compound that I cannot get at Lowe's or Home Depot. I get it from a local, old, lumber yard. I think it's either Dep 33 or Dap 33 brand. Clean the old wooden window frame really good, all the way back to the wood. I even prime this new wood area. Take a ball of glazing compound about the size of a golf ball, roll it around between your hands, yep it'll make a mess, DON'T use talcum powder, I believe it ruins the glazing compound. Add a little bead on the freshly prepared wood first, just a little continuous bead all the way around. This seals the inside of the glass. Place the glass in, pressing carefully, you should be able to see the inside bead being smashed out some. Roll some more stuff, add it to the outside of the pane. I like to roll out about a foot long piece between my hands. Place this on the window frame to hold in the glass, push it down with your thumb and add more as needed until you have gone all the way around. NOW- the trick, using a somewhat flexible putty knife, not a scraper, start in the upper right hand corner, hold the knife with the handle down, at about a 45º back, and about a 30º tilt out at the top and learn how to pull the knife down and make the glazing compound smooth and at just the correct 45º angle. This needs to dry for at least a day before priming and painting. Remember-if it's for a church, it's for God. How many times did Granddad make me do it over, and over until it suited him? Good Luck, David P.S. I don't disagree with tomstruble either.
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I use pretty much the same method as Thurman's except I treat the bare wood with linseed oil rather than primer. I also agree with tomstruble, even using the wrong glass can lessen the historic value.
That's an old tried and true method to reglaze windows. Use some glazers points or push points to secure the glass in the sash before you put the putty on the outside, and it is DAP 33.
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