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Old Payne filter size

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I have an ancient 1987 Payne heater and separate BDP coil installed in the crawl space. To change the filter I have to crawl on my belly below the ducting to get to the other side of the heater. The previous owner just installed a 20x25x1 filter and it's sticking out of the side of the heater/air handler and presumably sucking in the dusty crawl space air. I searched but was not able to find the model number (Payne 376baw048095) anywhere to get the correct filter. I measured the length of the filter opening at 21.5".

Several questions:

1. what filter size would be appropriate?

2. can I relocate the filter to a more easily accessible location?

I've attached a picture of my return housing as a possible location for the filter. Maybe I can cut the return "housing" (I forget the proper name) and install a frame for the filter. There is only one return location and it's installed in a hallway closet with an opening cut out of the closet door and another return duct in the living room adjacent to the hallway closet (stupid design!!). The house is 2000 sqf.

Thanks for your help.


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I'd be getting prices on a new unit to replace that 25 year old one instead of trying to fix that one.
That about 10 years behond the expected life.
A newer one could also a whole lot cheaper to run to help with the pay back time.
I can not believe there's not a way to add a truck line so you can get to the filter from inside the house some how.
Any HVAC guy should be able to come up the metal duct work.
I'm surprised it's still going too. I have to replace the entire HVAC system and will do so soon. As soon as we find the money! Payne is not such a good brand. Can you suggest a reasonably priced alternative? Do I need a split system I.e. outdoor at unit indoor furnace air handler?
Go back and add your location to your profile.
Someone would have to be on site to do some test and figuring to figure out what would work best in your area and with the layout of your home.
Will do as soon as I figure it out. I see you are in VA. I lived in Middleburg, VA for 20 years. Beautiful state.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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