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I need to replace a breaker. It is tripping out if microwave runs for more than 3-4 minutes. Only a month ago, it was if range hood fan and microwave ran together, but now it is microwave alone.
I heard that breakers can wear out from the metal fatigue, and I am assuming that is the only problem.
I changed some for my parents and I forget now what made me confident enough to just buy some from the Homedepot and use them. I think there was just one type of breaker from Homedepot and it fit into about 1950's Murray panel (for my parents).
I still have some left. So, does this new breaker fit into all Murray panels, or do I have to match the breaker to the panel number?
The panel is 100 amp and I will be replacing it, along with the outside cable and additional ground rods. Thank you in advance.
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