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Old house, hot attic, one window

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Hi guys, my first post here. I have a small attic, maybe 4x8x12 w/a slanted roof. The rest of the house has a flat roof, this part is tiled. It's pretty well insulated now, but still gets pretty hot. I want to vent the hot air using the small window that 's up there. After reading some of the posts, I want to make sure I'm not creating any add'l problems for myself.

I bought an attic fan that can vent 2000 cfm and I bought the overpriced gable vent shutters as the guy said the stationary gable vents weren't ideal for use with an attic fan. Since it's an original window and opens out, how can I do this without removing the window?
Will I need another opening to outside for cross ventilation or is that not an issue to be concerned with? The attic is pretty sealed up (as much as an old house can be) otherwise

I was going to have a whirlybird installed, meaning a hole would have to be cut in the roof but this seemed to be a cheaper and more energy efficient alternative.

But it seems like with the vents installed I wouldn't be able to close the window once it got cool. I'm in Delaware so June-AUgust, pretty warm. Rest of the time, cool enough.

The window is vertical so if I'm going to use an attic fan, I need to keep it closed when it rains, of course.

Am I missing any details? Is this doable or

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Yes, the attic is unfinished, but well insulated. There is no other ventilation except some small gaps here & there from it being an old house. If you mean by open that there isn't anything stored in there, it's mostly open.

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The fan will help but you need some incoming air --attics typically have soffit vents to admit air from below--then a vent or fan near the top to cause convection.
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