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I've heard that in older homes hardwoods were installed once the floor was installed then the walls went up. This made the job much easier for the floor guys.

In my home, circa 1940's, it appears that the hardwoods go through the hallway and under the kitchen floor. Currently, there are two layers of linoleum and a 1/4" sheet of plywood. Is it possible that the hardwoods continue under these layers?

Also, if the hardwoods are there and they were not finished at the time of construction, would they be in good enough condition to refinish?

A side question, if the hardwoods were installed prior to the walls, would that mean that, if I removed a wall, I wouldn't have to worry about adding/matching/feathering hardwoods to make everything match?


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You need to do a bit of detective work---Kitchens often had a different wood under the Linoleum--often fir.--A bit soft for a finished floor.

Only on rare occasion did the hardwood get installed under walls---that was not a common method in this area.

Pull off heat registers and look----pulling off some baseboards would also be useful.---Mike---
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