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Old home flat roof insurance claim NYC

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Flat Roof is about 15+ years old and done. We have tried patching it up and has helped but water is still getting into roof attic but not into the second floor Apartments( sealed up for now). During the summer when it rains you can smell all the mold and dampness as soon as you open the front door. All the rain water that passes through the roof and gets into the attic. I received a quote from some roofers and i was told $14-15k for a new roof. As a repair would cost half and only last about 4-5 years. Is it possible the insurance(Progressive) will cover the roof replacement or any at least? I have the insurance adjusters this week.

Any help would be great.
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I agree with W on W. If your roof is at the end of its life or if it needs maintenance, insurance doesn’t pay.
Your insurer will not pitch in, on the contrary, it may refuse to cover you if you don't replace the roof.
Out west, the problem is fires, not rain. Some old roofs (wood shake, old shingles) are not accepted these days anymore.
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