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Old fireplace circulation fan replacement

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I have a 1950's house with an old brick woodburning fireplace. The intake fan is rattling and I'd like to replace it, but have no idea what to look for. I've tried finding similar looking circulation systems online, but didn't find any. Have any of you seen a fireplace blower system like this? And, do any of you know what type of intake fan I should get to replace it? No papers or anything came with the house. Not sure what to do.
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I took the fan out and cleaned it all up. Oiled it. Made sure it wasn't hitting any debris or anything. The only thing I could find that was loose was the belt. It had a teeny bit of wiggle room on the sides, but could find no way to tighten it. I didn't see any brand name on the motor, but maybe I need to detatch it completely from the cover to see it. I'll have to check that and post back if I find one.
I called in the experts, my dad and grandpa, so more experienced eyes could actually see and assess the problem :thumbup: They're heading to Lowe's to get me a new one. Say the motor is shot, the fan spins too slowly when upright (fast if laid flat) and is out of balance. Thank you for your help!
Thanks for the tip! My dad works at Lowe's and was hoping to use his discount, but I'll text him and let him know your reccomendations just in case!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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