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Old fireplace circulation fan replacement

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I have a 1950's house with an old brick woodburning fireplace. The intake fan is rattling and I'd like to replace it, but have no idea what to look for. I've tried finding similar looking circulation systems online, but didn't find any. Have any of you seen a fireplace blower system like this? And, do any of you know what type of intake fan I should get to replace it? No papers or anything came with the house. Not sure what to do.
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Hard to say without being at least see it.
Every motor has a name tag on the outside of it.
Sure it not just the fan blade hitting something or just loose on the shaft.
Never head of one with a belt before.
If it's a reguler vee belt remove it and flip it over to check for cracks.
Belts have a limited life span, develop flat spots sitting stil and just dry rot.
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I'll be surprized if they have one. A place like Grangers would be more likly to stock or can order on.
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