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old dog learning new tricks

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Hi all. I am a 59 year old woman that has been widowed for 8 years now and I am trying to learn how to be more self sufficient. My father and husband both did alot of home repair and improvement. I learned at the hands of the best. There are times when I just can't figure it out and need a hand. This sounds like the place to get it. I replaced my hot water tank last fall and put in laminent floors the 2 years before that. I am not afraid of getting dirty, but I am afraid of paying someone else to do what I can do myself. I am afraid enough of having an auto mechanic, being a single woman (although far from stupid). Glad for all the help I can get. Thanks so much. I am a registered nurse and just got my MSN, just so you all know I am feminine too. Love being a nurse and home repair.:thumbup:I am editing to let you know the area in which I live. Titusville, PA out in the country where I can do things that fit code. My house in over 100 years old and anything I do is an improvement.
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You're in good company here----There are plenty of DIY gals here---and a few of them shut us 'guys' down with their knowledge and ingenuity.

Please join in--learn to post pictures----a sense of humor is very welcome--Your location in your profile helps get answers that are code to your area----and have fun-----Mike----
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