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old copper farm sink

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Im not sure if this is the right thread for this, but here goes. hubby and i are remodeling our kitchen. We have this huge old copper sink that i (cringe) poked holes in the bottom and have been planting in for the last few years. We really didnt know what we had when we did this and now would like to try to rehab it to use in our kitchen. right now it just looks like something to go in the trash heap. We are putting up a copper slate backslpash and this would go great with it. Buying a new sink is out of the question for us. And we'd really like to beable to say "man you wont believe what this sink has gone thorugh..."
Thanks for any help, advice or experience in advance!
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When you made the holes, did you punch a sharp object through it or drill? If it's been punched the tabs could be peened back into place, then you could take the sink some place and have them braze the holes wouldn't take but a few minutes and would add to the "used and abused" charm. Keep in mind the brazed patches would be brass colored rather than copper. If you wanted a silver look, you have someone in the HVAC business silver solder the holes. Either way would be equally durable, and would last the life of the sink.

If the holes were drilled, they could still be would just take a wee bit longer filling...but by all means doable...

Show us some pictures if you have any...
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