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Old circuit boards from medical equipment and military telecomm boards worth anything

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I've got motherboards from a medical monitoring device and some boards from a military telegraph converter. I don't know much about these so was needing to see about any value in these as well as a place to sell them in Oklahoma City. The medical boards are from 89 I believe and the military boards from the 70's.
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There are places that recycle those for the rare metals and other valuable parts.

Look in your yellow pages for electronics recycling.

Otherwise some collector might want them to refurbish a device that they just want to have in their collection, but usually stuff such as this is just recycled.

ten cents a pound at the electronic recycle locally last time I checked.
Well it's a good thing that I got some badass looking parts. you guys are going to see some really bad ass jewelry coming out on the market pretty soon save up your money

Thanks for :recycle:
Please don't make jewelry from discarded medical/military components. You have no idea what they were exposed to.

The amount lead alone is toxic... The potential effects of overexposure to lead and especially when dealing with children... Kosnett.pdf
Could be worth some time in Leavenworth.
Not making it from the components as much as the screws washers etc. what's your thought on those being safe?
Try to recycle them to keep the lead and other toxins out of the environment.

Just beware of recyclers that export to the third world. that's worse than the landfill by far.
Older stuff usually has a lot more precious metals which can be pretty easily retrieved and sold for a lot more than just selling circuit boards for cents
Pound for pound (ton for ton), most old circuit boards have more gold in them than the raw ore at many producing gold mines.
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