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old bathtub faucet

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Hey everyone... I'm working on a house built in 1936. The bathroom has a tub only and the homeowners want to add a shower. They do not want to rip out the original tile surround that goes up about 30 inches from the top of the tub. They want to build up with the surround another 30 inches. It's gone well so far and has been a pretty straight forward job. I have access to all the plumbing and that makes it easier. I ran into a kink though: The original tub faucet is more like a mobile home style faucet. It has the spout in between the hot and cold valves instead of dropped down a few inches like we find today. I didn't know that those style faucets are no longer sold--or at least not at Home Depot and Lowe's. I tried a mobile home tub faucet with a shower diverter but the threaded connection points are not long enough to go through the holes of the wall and come out the back where I can secure them. What I need is a tub faucet that has the spout in dead center of the hot and cold knobs and has a shower diverter valve on it. Does anyone know where I can find one? The chrome-plated plastic mobile home ones are not going to work. Thanks in advance!
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Good luck.
My first thought is this is more like a Roman style faucet with just a differant spout.
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