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Ok to stop tile here?? Pic*

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I am tiling above a new tub and usually see the tile extend passed the front of the tub and down the side a bit... The ideal situation for me would be to stop right at the edge so I can get a wood baseboard to go right to the tub without having to worry about the transition. Can I do this? Like I did in this sketchup model?

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The reason for the tile extending past the edge of the tub is to allow for the "bullnose" edge pieces to cap the backerboard when it's installed as a second layer (over the drywall). It also affords some protection (waterproofing) for any water that may get past the shower curtain. Water running down the edge of the tub on plain drywall will take a toll after a period of time. It will rot the drywall AND the baseboard. You CAN install your tile as shown. I wouldn't recommend it. You culd be creating problems down the road.....
I went one row of tiles beyond the side of the tub
And then put the bullnose on
Its a good idea for water protection as stated
Thanks for the input. The other obstacle with continuing down the side on that wall is that I will almost certainly have to stop at the edge on the opposite wall. The reason being that the cove is only SLIGHTLY larger than the tub on that side. Literally it is 1/2 inch to the framing and If you add the drywall it is 1", not enough to get a cut piece of bullnose in. So, thats why I was thinking just stop tile on both sides at tub's edge. If I do exten on the wall in the first pic as you guys suggest, it will not be symmetrical with the other side where i have to stop at the edge. SHould I still do it do you think?

ALso, I should mention that building out that wall is not an option because of a doorway.

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Mine stops at one end near the door
The other end extends out 1 row to the window
As luck (not planning :laughing: ) would have it the wall tile stops lined up with a row of the floor tiles

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