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Ok to have 2 GFI 's sideby side in kitchen?

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I removed a wall switch in the kitchen that use to control the disposal. It was in a double box next to a seperately wired GFI outlet. Is it acceptable to put another GFI in place of the old switch? The new GFI would get power from a nearby regular wall outlet. Or should the new GFI be powered right from the panel?
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sorry, I just realized I had this wrong...

Power comes from panel to (old) switch. From switch to another outlet below the sink (for disposal).

I removed the old switch and connected wires together so outlet below sink is always hot. (will be using air sink switch for disposal).

So now I have a double box above the countertop that currently has one GFI outlet (powered from a different circuit). Can I put another GFI next to it? And how should I power it up?

I hope this makes more sense...

If I cant add another GFI I can always just cover the open side of the box (we havent installed the backsplash yet) Not sure abuot the best way to cover it up though.
Thanks for the help. I will just add the regular outlet off of the load side of the existing GFI as suggested. Probaby dont need that many outlets but the space is there, i might as well put one there.
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