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OK to convert this receptacle to GFCI receptacle?

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In our kitchen we have a toaster oven which sits on top of a radiator cover, next to the refrigerator. I want to change the receptacle that serves the toaster to be a GFCI receptacle, to make it safer to use. The receptacle is behind the refrigerator, but to the far right, and the frig is 4 inches away from the wall due to the copper water supply line that goes to the ice maker, so I would be able to reach the receptacle without moving the frig in order to test or reset the GFCI. There is a separate receptacle back there that serves the refrigerator, on its own dedicated circuit. The receptacle I want to change is about 9 feet from the sink, which is on the opposite wall. We're on NEC 2008, which doesn't seem to have the "readily accessible" language in section 210.8, so is it OK within the code I'm under to make this a GFCI receptacle? Pics attached. Thanks.


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Any receptacle can be a GFCI. Code does not ban them anywhere that I am aware of. It requires them in certain places but it does not ban them in USA.
In Canada we can't put smokes on GFCI or AFCI.
Thanks. I was only concerned because later versions of the NEC in section 210.8 say "The ground-fault circuit-interrupter shall be installed in a readily accessible location." I wanted to be sure that since our area is still under 2008, which doesn't have that particular language, that where this particular receptacle is is acceptable for GFCI in terms of accessibility.
As long as it is legal by your 2008 code cycle, it just becomes non-conforming but grandfathered, whenever the next code cycle get adopted in you area.

I would to wire it without anything on the load terminals. Although you know it's there, will you or someone else remember that when something else in the house looses power ?

I have a real dislike for hidden GFCIs.
Good point. If there's anything downstream of that box I'll wire it to the line terminals. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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