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Oil or Gas Furnace???

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My husband and i just bought a house in Central Pa that is over a hundred years old. The furnace is a relic and i need to have it replaced asap. We can choose to go with another oil burner or we can have it replaced with a gas burner. Both will need an indirect water heater. I'm told that the prices of the furnaces are very close as well as the charge for oil and gas. I'm leaning to gas so we wont run out of oil on a Sunday again and get robbed for the $ervice charge, but also because of the lower maintainence and cleanliness. I would love to hear the pros and cons from some real Pros.

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If the gas. Is natural gas, then that is probably the best way to go.
If its propane. Then I would stay with oil, unless your looking for high efficiency, in the 90% range.
Get coal :whistling2:
WHAT !!!:no: Didn't you hear ??
i got a bad case of the Stupids today:(
O bama is going to outlaw coal

Then how will he keep his pigmentation:huh:?
I believe his color gotten lighter not darker since he's been in office:wink:
I believe his color gotten lighter not darker since he's been in office:wink:
Damn! Then that prove it! In a month he'll look like Michael Jackson.

That's gonna be
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Coal is too dirty, and needs to much work.
If Obama's new Cap and Trade energy tax gets through it will likely tax oil higher than natural gas because oil emits more greenhouse gases. But either way your going to pay dearly.
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