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oil furnace

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I have an oil furnace that is about 16 yrs old. I'm wondering if it can be converted to propane? Also, is heating with oil more expensive than with propane? I live in central Pennsylvania, own a very small house (under 1000 sf) and am paying over $1000 a yr to heat my place with oil. Natural gas is not available in this area--go figure. The house is only 16 yrs old and it is insulated. (could add more to the attic though. I think it only has R19).
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Every time I run the numbers here (New England), oil comes out cheapest, followed by propane, with electric a distant last place.

Natural gas would be cheapest where available. Oil might not win out if you have an outdoor tank and need "mobile home blend" fuel. Kerosene isn't even in the ballpark. Wood pellets are inconsistent in both quality and price. Regular firewood can be a cheaper option if you're set up for it and have a good supply. Coal is messy but probably cheap in your area.
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