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I'm replacing my tub and I'm in a really tight alcove (60" x 30" stud to stud -- no wiggle room). The only tub I can find that will fit is a Sterling Performa (60" x 29" -- the nailing flange goes right to the edge of the alcove!).

First off, does anyone know of any other manufacturer of narrow tubs?

Second -- the existing drain is about 1.5" offset from the overflow on this tub. I can move the p-trap with some effort (cast iron under slab), but is it necessary? Is it OK to twist the shoe to line up with the drain, and to have an offset overflow line? I've even seen flexible overflows (http://www.**************.com/flexib...ub-drains.html) -- are these kosher? I want to do this right!

Thank you!​
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