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Office Chair Refurbishment

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I have a crappy office chair that I got from my grandfather (who's probably had it since '95); I need advice as to what I could do with it to make it look, well, less like a piece of crap.
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Not sure anyone would know with out at least some pictures.
Apply new fabric or pick up a new chair.
Probably not worth it unless there's sentimental value. Ask your local re-upholstery shop for a boxed slip-seat and back quote.
If you're doing it yourself you will need approximately 1 1/2 yards (depending on pattern repeat and welt) and you may want to change the foam.
But I would price out new ones. I just picked up one for $45, and my black leather (from Staples) was around $100.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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