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Odd water leak

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I have a slow leak from my roof. Its coming from the rafter knot. I attached a picture.. No where else is it leaking just out of that knot.

I assume - that a nail is going into the rafter and its leaking through the nail down a crack in the rafter and then out the knot? Sound likely? Kinda of an odd one.


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Is it actually bulk moisture? What's the outside of that rafter (i.e. the roof) look like? No reason that water should be coming in from ANY fastener on the outside of the roof either way. You sure it's not sap that is yielding from the heat?
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I would think it was sap too. You can get close to it and take a smell.
was actually a nail pop on the roof. Looks like the hole went perfecty down the wood baord and came out of the knot. I removed the old nail hammered in a larger one and added roof tar. All good now. thanks for all your responses. That was a weird one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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