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Octagon Window Issue - Need Help

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Hi guys,

I need help regarding an issue with an octagon window in my half bath. The rough opening is 23.5" by 23.5". Ive tried to find a replacement for my 28 year old octagon wooden window and this doesnt seem to be an easy task. The window is all rotted and I just moved into the place a year ago. I want to replace it before it begins to leak. Ive been replacing the current windows in the home with andersen 400 series dbl hung since they too are all rotted. I tried to get an andersen octagon window but the minimum rough opening is 24.5" x 24.5" and this would obviously leave me with an inch difference on each end. Im familiar with the andersen installation using their flange setup. I was looking at the pella octagon but this windows doesnt have flanges but require stops? I also dont want to replace it with a $100- dollar window at home depot. I would like something in vinyl construction or at least wood with vinyl exterior. Any ideas where I could look? I also dont want to modify the exterior clap board. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Century octagon


Did you ever get any feedback on the Century vinyl clad, vented octagon window? I have the same issue in regard to the rough opening and additionally I'm relocating for work in a little over a year. I'd like to get a decent window so as not to adversely affect resale and I had considered the Andersen 400 series as well but don't want to go overboard for a place I'm only going to be in ~ 1 yr more. Bottom line - any info on Century and/or any other manufacturers you found that make a decent mid-level window would be greatly appreciated.

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