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Hello to all

The enclosed single wood step has been abused, esp since we recently had 2200 ft of carpet upstairs, a 70lb dog going up and down and Gen W&T.

My wife would contract a handy guy to sand down the polyurethane, then he'd just recoat. This time there's some fairly deeper dings that required sanding.

Wanted to know is there a proper way to slightly stain the lighter areas, then apply a the polyurethane? After sanding and shopvacuuming, I used a damp rag to remove all the finer dust. Just that dampening almost brought the wood all back to the same color. Would applying the polyurethane darken the grain enough to match it better? Since the grains are so large and diverse, color variations are more than acceptable. I just don't want huge wood color variations, here's a few pics sanded and after the moist rag application dried.

Thank you


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IF wiping it down with mineral spirits brings the color back [until the thinner evaporates] then all you need to do is use an oil base poly [it will darken unsealed wood] Water base poly will likely make the thread look just like it does now except with an even sheen.
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