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so i get a call from a weekender, kinda of a resort area where i live, river and casinos here.

she says one side if her roof shingles have blown off, well a few did and the roof is 20 + years old. she wants whole new roof.

now is get good, she says the insurance company is prorating the roof, ok sound fair. shell get about $800.00, but the roof is $2880.00. so she tells me ill have to bill the insurance company for the rest that way shell only be out about $800.00. hey sounds good to me.

what could go wrong, it not like the insurance company would ask me what im doing sending them a bill for $2000.00 after they already gave her all there going to give her. where do these people come from. guess she figures shell pay $880.00 and then say it isnt her fault that her insurance company is not paying me.

i had another one try this about a year ago. said he had the money from the insurance company and do the job, signed contract. finished and he tells me he has $2500.00 and i need to bill his insurance company for the rest.

i talked to him and like magic he went to the bank and got the balance. to have some one go out and kill themselves and then have the nerve to tell them to go fight there insurance company for the money if nuts.

on a upnote i like the way the insurance companies are now giving the home owners 60 days to get the work done ans show proof of it or they will drop them. no more home owners getting thousands and then going to home depot and buying a few bundles of shingles to throw on the roof and calling it good. this is something the insurance companies should of been doing for a long long time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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