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I have this old Nutone V-44 exhaust hood over my patio grill - here's sort of what it looks like from the outside:
on the 1st page of this spec sheet, in the middle of the left side you see they refer to a "light lens". That's the part I'm looking for and cannot find anywhere! Here's the parts sheet:
and it's part 8. They list the new part # as 50828-000. I've contacted Nutone and the parts list they emailed me has "void: not available" where the new part # shows on this sheet, so I can't simply order it from them.

Does anyone out there know anyone who might have spare parts for this unit laying around or somehow know where I might be able to buy this part? The previous owner of this house must've left the big DCS gas grille on high for DAYS underneath this hood and melted the light lens! I sure would appreciate any help anyone on this Forum could provide. Thanks!!
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