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Hello all,

As is obvious, I'm new to the forum. I am very much a novice when it comes to the whole DIY thing, unless you count watching home improvement shows. Unfortunately, my house is getting to the point where I am going to need to do a bit of repair and maintenance, and there are a few other projects that should be taken on. Since funds are tight, I am going to need to tackle some of them myself. It is getting close to fifteen years old, we had it built, but after that time, there is a bit of wear and tear.

Daily life finds me sitting in a lawyer's chair most days, with "one weekend a month and two weeks every summer" (yeah, right) dedicated to being a medic (hence the "Doc" in my name) in the National Guard.

I have a bit of experience with working on cars, but not a lot when it comes to woodwork and building things. I still recall the bird house I built in seventh grade that had PETA protesting my house and the housing commission condemning it. Seriously, I don't have a lot of time, talent or tools, but it appears the time is here to try to find some. So, I joined.

I look forward to learning a lot, but I fear I may not be able to add a lot. I will try to do what I can, however.
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