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Novice Painter Questions

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Hi and thanks in advance for helping me out with some novice questions.

I am closing on a home next week and the living room is an off-white eggshell with some designs painting on it in a medium blue. I want to paint it with a much darker color. They are plaster walls (the house is about 80 years old) and I am using a latex flat paint.


1. Do I need to prime this?
2. Do I need to sand between each coat?
3. Do I need to wash the walls with TSP?

Also, what does everyone think of Behr paint? I have found many posts that have blasted the brand but they tend to be 1-3 years old and I know that they have done some new things there to improve their product, so any recent experiences would help!

Thanks again!
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The only thing that has changed with Behr over the last few years is thier price. And now that thy are crossing the $30 a gallon line, it's bordering on criminal. Do youself a favor and go to Benjamin Moore dealer and pick up the Regal line. Priced in the mid $30's it will lay waste to that bull crap Behr calls paint.
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