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Novice looking for advice on painting rattan table

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So i recently got a rattan table that i wanted to paint and make my living room coffee table. Just forewarning, i am not looking for expert level stuff that'll cost me more money than i could have just spent on a new table. Im just looking for advice to paint this table so it's nicer but still functional.

So, I'll explain the process i took... then the problem that arose from it. Keep in mind i am a complete novice. I sanded down all of the surfaces (they previously were painted dark brown). I sanded the table top briefly (i think it's like fake fancy wood wallpaper on plywood or something). I painted the table top with those primer-paint spray cans. I waited for it to dry, roughly 6ish hours. Applied another coat. Then i put on a stone texture spray paint to make the table look like it's stone. Waited again, then i figured that since the table would have heavy usage, I'd spray on some epoxy. I waited and applied an additional coat. Then i noticed the next day that a section of the table was soft and mushy. Most of the table was fine and hard. But one particular spot was REALLY REALLY soft. So...i peeled off that section (corner). It pulled off all of the lower layers of paint that was under it. So I've got a corner that's completely bare again. And it's clearly visible that it's uneven with the other sections of table that i painted. So should i strip the whole table? Or just try to apply layers of spray paint until it's "even" again?
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