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Not understanding how to use Graco XR9

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Hi picked up a used Graco XR9 sprayer that had been poorely cleaned and was all gummed up with latex paint. Also found a defective pressure control unit that I replaced. Unit seemd to run OK but but hard to prime and think i'm needing to make the paint too thin in order for pump to be able to spray out of the gun. Getting a fine mist using a 515 but think I should be seeing a stronger spray? Also, when I shut down, what do I do with all the paint in the hose?? Am I missing something on the care and use of this sprayer. Looked at the comany website but didn't see anything mentioned. Hate to think I just clean all the paint from the hose. Got to be a cup or so. Any suggestions or help on what I'm doing wrong or not understaning would be appreciated.


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I am quite sure that your sprayer needs to be repacked. I had that problem in the RX7 and that was the answer. In my case I wasn't able to prime and there was zero pressure. You can buy a repacking kit and I know many people do it. I personally, have never repacked any of my sprayers.

I take mine to a local shop around here that specializes in sprayers and small engine repair. You can look online find a business that services gracco sprayers.

Also you can call Gracco and have them send you a manual. If you look through it, it gives you the setup and cleanup process. It's pretty complex and not just a common sense thing in terms of cleaning.
Here is the link to the manual for the XR9

Yes, the paint in the lines are still good and can be reused.

I'll try to explain how to reuse the paint in the lines:

Have a 5 gallon bucket of clean warm water
Have an empty 5 gallon bucket called your waste bucket
Put the siphon tube in the bucket of clean warm water
Adjust the sprayer to the lowest setting
Take off the spray tip and housing off the gun and put it in the clean bucket
Press the trigger on Spray gun- you are now cleaning out the good paint from the lines into your paint can to be reused
Continue until you start to see a change in color- this means your are starting to siphon water

Then you start the cleaning process by flushing out the lines with the clean warm water into your waste pail.

I'm not sure how good I am at explaining this but hopefully you got an idea
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