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Not sure what I did to my faucet

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The handle came off of my kitchen faucet yesterday. The handle connector inside broke. I took it to the plumbing supply store and got a replacement for it.

I just got it put back together. Everything was normal before it broke - moving the handle to the left turned on the hot water and to the right was the cold.

Now, turning the handle all the way to the left or right lets out luke-warm water and the cold is in the center only. There is no hot, unless I turn the cold water off with the shut-off valve under the sink.

What did I do wrong?
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It's made by Moen. The blue piece in the first picture is the 'handle connector' that broke. I'm not sure what you mean by 'type', so I hope the second picture tells that. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for all the great information you guys.

I meant to take it apart again last night and didn't get to it. Hopefully I can when I get back from my mom's this evening.

It's funny because it looked like it was going to be so simple to replace that little part. And it would have been simple if the handle hadn't been in the way of the screwdriver...:laughing:
I tried removing the screw to take the new piece back off and I stripped the head of the screw.

But, I'm happy to say that the faucet has been replaced. Moen sent me a new one. It's odd though, the only part of it that's metal is the handle. The rest of it is plastic. :huh:

My son-in-law did all the work (bless his heart). He also took out the garbage disposal, replaced the pipes under the sink, put two new metal baskets in, replaced the supply lines (the old ones had a little rust near one end) and put a little soap dispenser where the sprayer is suppose to go.

Plus, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Channel Locks, a set of wrenches and some oddball tools I'll probably never use again. lol

$112 (parts and tools) later and I can wash dishes in the sink again. :thumbup:
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