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not sure about tackling this one.

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A friend who knows I do small construction jobs in my free time has asked me to widen an interior door way. I've yet to takle this particular project so I need some advice. I'm quite sure its not load baring. My question is...I'm assuming I'm going to have to remove and replace the existing header, I don't have a problem with building the new one but how diffacult will getting the old one out be?
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Thanks to all, I will be moving some electric, no biggie, and there is no plumbing in the area. As far as "load baring" goes, it is a narrow row type home and I'm quite sure the joists span party wall to party wall on the first floor just as in the basement and the attic AND there are no supports under this wall in the basement. So based on that, I think I'll be safe.
Now if I open it up and see a double 2X8 header, I'll have to re-evaluate.
Thanks again to all who replied!:thumbup:
Thanks Paragon, if I go to just above door, by the way its not encased, on 2nd floor and pull the plumbing hatch, I can see the direction of the joists, party to party. And I could be wrong but are LB walls ever NOT supported by columns directly under in basement? Feel free to educate me, I'm never afraid of that. Also I do understand that things aren't alway what they appear to be, there's always something I've never seen before ya know?
Thanks again
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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