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not sure about tackling this one.

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A friend who knows I do small construction jobs in my free time has asked me to widen an interior door way. I've yet to takle this particular project so I need some advice. I'm quite sure its not load baring. My question is...I'm assuming I'm going to have to remove and replace the existing header, I don't have a problem with building the new one but how diffacult will getting the old one out be?
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If it is a row house the joist should span party wall to party wall yes however sometimes they spin the framing and support it different ways. Sometimes what should be logical is not so MAKE SURE that it is not load bearing. If it is load bearing there may be framing in the same location on all levels which can be a hint that there is load being carried all the way down to the footings.

Good luck on this one as it can get dangerous quite quickly. One way you can possibly analyze that header and see what is in the wall without opening it up is remove the top piece of casing and peek up above the door jamb you will either see 2x on flat which will probably tell you it is also not load bearing or double 2x with possibly spacers sandwiched in between which may tell you it is load bearing however there is no fast hard rule on how they may have framed it. If you can get above the wall (maybe there is an attic as stated previously) where you can see what is above then you will be even more informed as to what you have.

Take care and be safe!
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Then to me it sounds like you are okay.

The next step is basically what has been said before open up the wall and re frame and re rock and get er done. Make sure you know what door is going in there so that you get the rough opening the correct dimension and give yourself some room for shimming.

Good luck and be safe!
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