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not sure about tackling this one.

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A friend who knows I do small construction jobs in my free time has asked me to widen an interior door way. I've yet to takle this particular project so I need some advice. I'm quite sure its not load baring. My question is...I'm assuming I'm going to have to remove and replace the existing header, I don't have a problem with building the new one but how diffacult will getting the old one out be?
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Actually for an interior non-load bearing wall it could be a 2x4 header as it is not carrying weight

"Widen an interior doorway"
How wide is it right now?
How wide is it going to be?

Demoltion is fairly easy - but you have to be worried about live wires in the wall. Once the drywall is off you can see what's in there. Take the drywall off everywhere it will be enlarged
Double check & see if there are any plumbing pipes 1st
Can you check in the attic/basement for wires/plumbing?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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