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Not happy with new paint color - want to repaint...

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Our house was damaged last year in Hurricane Ike. In addition to external repairs, we have had some interior rooms repaired and repainted. Monday the contractors did a knockdown texture on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom, today they painted (with colors we picked out).

Alas, the color didn't come out the way we expected it to (we wanted gray, but got more blue in it than we wanted). Yes, I could live with it if I had to, but I won't be happy with it. I'd rather just repaint it myself (insurance won't pay for it).

So, the questions are:

1) Do I need to wait a few days (or a week) before doing this? Does it need extra time to dry (cure? or whatever it does?) before putting more paint on it?
2) It's a flat finish (Sherwin-Williams paints), and still clean (we haven't touched it, and won't use the bathroom until we repaint it). So, do I need to do any prep work on it first? Sand? Prime it?
3) Speaking of priming it, do I need to? It's an even color that is similar to the darker coat I'm putting over it, so a little color showing through really wouldn't be a big problem, or affect the look we're going after.

Any suggestions and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'm competent to paint the room(I've painted before and worked in remodeling back in college), but I'm not a pro.

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hi, and welcome to the forum.

what lighting are you using? if flourescent tube bulbs or cfl's, they will make the color look bluer than it actually is.
i'd try different lighting first, but if you paint....

1: one day between coats should be fine.
2: if you're using the same type/product, i do not think so.
3: same answer as 2.

1: one day between coats should be fine.
2: if you're using the same type/product, i do not think so.
3: same answer as 2. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
mornin' chris....
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I'm using normal, incandescent lighting, so I don't think that's the issue. The problem is, I just made a bad choice in not doing a test before approving the color. This won't happen again! :no:

I'm going to pick up some samples tomorrow and I'll repaint this weekend or next week. My goal is just to get all this danged remodeling done so I don't have to think about it any more.

Thanks for the advice!
Did you mean they used a flat paint in the bathroom? You really want a semi-gloss or bathroom paint in the bathroom.

*I done fixed my typo's*
I really should proof-read my posts huh? <--- Big Dummy.
I really should proof-read my posts huh?

I really couldn't make it out the first time.:laughing:
You don't need to wait any longer than the prescribed "recoat time" stated on the paint can label - probably 4 hours.

You can paint directly over the flat paint - no need to prime or sand.

I agree that a sheen paint works better in a bathroom, and if there is a shower, a specialty paint like Zinsser's "Perma White" is less susceptible to mildew growth, water spotting or surfactant leaching when exposed to the high humidity of a bathroom.
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