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Not enough heat blowing from the vents

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It feels like I may have an issue because my heat pump will not turn off. It's blowing semi-warm air. Not sure if its hot enough. It's been on for the last 3 hours straight maintaining 69 degrees at the Tstat. I would think it would have shut off by now. It's about 42 out right now. What should the heat be at coming out of the vents? What else can I check?
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Where do you live?

How old is your unit?

Is the volume of air the same as its always been?
Thanks, its always good to give as much information as you can when making an inquiry. If you give the make and model number, some of the pros that come on here can point you in the right direction based on a particular models service history. My furnace, for instance, was involved in a class action lawsuit for premature failure of its secondary heat exchanger. Keeping from us the fact that someone just put in a new blower motor does not help us help you at all. If your blower worked right before they replaced it maybe its hooked up wrong.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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