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Not enough heat blowing from the vents

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It feels like I may have an issue because my heat pump will not turn off. It's blowing semi-warm air. Not sure if its hot enough. It's been on for the last 3 hours straight maintaining 69 degrees at the Tstat. I would think it would have shut off by now. It's about 42 out right now. What should the heat be at coming out of the vents? What else can I check?
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The heatpump should put out about 100F near the furnace (if you can measure). Depending on how far the vent is from the furance, and how well you house is insulated, and the out door temperate and wind, the temperate at the ven will be lower the farther it is from the furnace.

There are 2 copper pipes leading from the HP to the furnace/blower. The bigger one should be quite hot to the touch and wrapped in insulation. The smaller one is room temp and exposed.

Is the heat pump running (fan spinning)(outside) and defrosting every once in a while...big puff of steam.

Check your filters. Maybe they are not breathing well and need to be replaced.

good luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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