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Not enough heat blowing from the vents

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It feels like I may have an issue because my heat pump will not turn off. It's blowing semi-warm air. Not sure if its hot enough. It's been on for the last 3 hours straight maintaining 69 degrees at the Tstat. I would think it would have shut off by now. It's about 42 out right now. What should the heat be at coming out of the vents? What else can I check?
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Everything seems to be working for the moment now that its a little warmer outside..... It was about 32 in the early morning.

On a side note, I turned on emergency heat and noticed that only cold air blew. Is this because there are no heater elements in the AH? Normal?

Thanks for the great tips. I'll give them a try if there's a problem again. For now, I have other things to fix around the house!
Jacksonville FL.

16 years old.

Yes the volume of air is strong. It's a new blower motor.
I replaced the blower motor myself with an oem one from Lennox. It's a wiring harness that was plugged into it. It would be pretty hard to screw that up. :thumbsup:

I'm not completely sure if anything is wrong with it. I guess I won't know until the next freezing night.

When I looked out the window this morning I did see some very slight frost on the very left side of the top of the heat pump.

Here is the unit.
Would someone mind explaining the difference between aux heat and emergency heat?

If I set it to emergency heat, only cool air blows.

If I leave it on regular heat mode and turn the temp in the stat up to 80 (it's usually set at 69), the aux heat indicates and the air is very warm.

In normal heating mode, the air feels only slightly warm.

I don't recall seeing any sort of heating strips in the AH. Seems I recall there only being a condenser in there.
Got a pic of what strip heaters look like?

All heat pump air handlers have them?

I could have sworn there was only an a frame in there......
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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