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Nortek/Nordyne/Tappan/Westinghouse Furnace Question

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I have an older Westinghouse furnace Model no. 904183. Serial No. G6TA072C-12B. My high Limit fan switch went out two years ago. An HVAC tech replaced the part 626526 which was rated at L280-20F which I assume is 280 degrees and 20 amps.

It was replaced with a 290-30F switch, which went out last Saturday.

Nortek/Nordyne told a North America HVAC representative that part 626526 was no longer made and was not in stock. Nordyne recommended part no. 626464 or 626464R.

So, I bought two of those, just in case one went out. Installed it tonight with one problem.

The new switch is much smaller, so the old holes in the assembly plate won't hold the new part.

My question: Do I just drill new holes and mount it? Is there a universal bracket I can get to hold the new switch in place?

It seems to be working even though it is only rated at 135-15F.

By the way, it took me nine hours of driving plus internet searching for this part as the industry went nuts instead of using the same basic parts for EVERY furnace they make, they made new parts for each furnace.
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The second part of the number is how far the temp must fall before the limit automatically resets.

A 280F-20F waits until the temperature drops to 260F being closing and permitting the burners to come on again.

First off, the limit shouldn't go bad - it was probably tripping regularly due to an overheating condition, assuming it's high limit only.

Secondly, use a direct fit replacement, ideally oem approved. Don't modify the wrong part, as doing so voids the safety certifications.

The switch must have the same ratings as the original, it's not okay to put a higher rated switch like the tech did.

It sounds like u were recommended/shipped the wrong part.
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