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noobie questions: attempting to wire LED strip lighting - help needed

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So I started a general project thread about this little project I have going on here:

Take a look at that thread if you are curious as to what I will be doing with these LEDs but my specific question is honed here for you all in electrical :)

I have already gotten all my electrical gear minus some wire (at least I think thats all I need lol) these are the electronics I have:

that is the reel.... it indicates that every three diodes you can cut (has a little scissors image)..... so I want to make three sections of 4ft long cuts from that 16ft reel, I need to wire them all together then altogether to the dimmer then to the transformer which plugs into the wall. I want to have the wiring exit the chamber they will be installed in together as one strand if possible, which will need to be about 8ft long and at its end attaches to a little array I will bolt the dimmer and transformer to and hide where I plug the transformers little cord into a wall socket.

I want advice on this, like what gauge of wiring and type I should use and so on... I am a noob to all of this stuff, I have a cheap soldering iron I dunno if I am going to need it - I need advice! so really basic noob to wiring electrical advice would be sooooooooooooo nice :)

anyway any input on how I should tackle this would be greatly appreciated


ps. my diffusing material should be here tomorrow :D
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