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Non-toxic polyurethane pipe insulation

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Can anyone recommend a non-toxic polyurethane pipe insulation and where I might find it?

Thank you.

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Do you want to insulate a polyurethane pipe or want the insulation to be made out of nontoxic polyurethane?
What is outer dimension/diameter of pipe to be insulated? What environment will it be located within?

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Non-toxic pipe wrap


Actually, it's not for plumbing at all, but for a product I'm designing as an adjunct to a baby product. I'm trying to use only non-toxic and organic product for my creation.

Thanks for your response and hopefully you may knowmofmsuch a product.

Have a great day!


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I don't of any "poly" insulations or wraps, but i do know that Armaflex pipe wrap's MSDS shows
no adverse health effects if ingested.
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