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Non metallic hydraulic line fittings.

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My wife has a horse carriage, 2 axles and 4 wheels, that has disk brakes on the rear wheels. The brakes use a "nylon" appearing brake line with fittings I've never seen before and
one of the 90* fittings blew out at the caliper (obviously a good assembly job馃槙) and the brake fluid leaked out.
I'm looking for a source for this kind of fitting and the tool to assemble it.
I can't find anything resembling thIs tubing and fittings through Google. Does anyone know enough about this type of white "nylon" hydraulic tubing to tell me where to get new fittings and the tools to assemble them? Perhaps they are used on motorcycles??

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Update - we replaced the one 90* on the left caliper, drained the lines and replaced the seal under the master cylinder resiviour (another leak there).

We were told that the master cylinder was from a VW, and too big as this carriage has 2 wheel _not_ four wheel brakes, the plastic lines were the same as used for refrigerator ice makers, and that the rod connecting the brake pedal to the master cylinder piston was too long.
There must be (somewhere?) a hydraulic cylinder list for generics that lists them by bore and stroke?
Could that tubing actually be the refrigerator ice maker variety? I could not find any labeling on the tubing. And if we're going to have to replace it then I'll be urging my DW to choose black tubing instead of the clear.
As to the linkage (excessive piston stroke) I don't see how we could effect a change there without modifying the pivots.

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Been a month since the elbow was replaced and NO leak馃榾!!
I'm going to start a new string on a separate issue - clicking brake pads.

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