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Non metallic hydraulic line fittings.

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My wife has a horse carriage, 2 axles and 4 wheels, that has disk brakes on the rear wheels. The brakes use a "nylon" appearing brake line with fittings I've never seen before and
one of the 90* fittings blew out at the caliper (obviously a good assembly job😕) and the brake fluid leaked out.
I'm looking for a source for this kind of fitting and the tool to assemble it.
I can't find anything resembling thIs tubing and fittings through Google. Does anyone know enough about this type of white "nylon" hydraulic tubing to tell me where to get new fittings and the tools to assemble them? Perhaps they are used on motorcycles??

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It should have steel brake lines. No nylon tubing is going to hold up to brake system pressures. Sounds very cobbled.
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