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Non Grounded Switch dangers

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Need some advice if I may.

As we have been rebuilding we have been changing plugs and wires that were flooded yadda yadda. One of the things we have been dealing with is ungrounded switches. Interestingly enough the wire is 12-2 and has the ground wire but the switches do not have the ground screw so they just cut the ground and wired the black and whites.

We have been replacing these with new grounded switches as we have gone along but have one where the ground was cut right where the wire was stripped (no room or slack to extend) and the wire itself is jammed in between two studs that I would have to rip out to pull new wire. I would also have to replace top plate etc as well because of the location. If this switch is to a little used closet in a spare room and everything but this is grounded, is it really an issue if it is not grounded? I can hear my dad in my head saying change it but not sure if this is a big deal if this is how it has been for 20 years. Whats the downside to leaving it?

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The 12-2 you speak of....pretty heavy for a switch leg. this a cable or bx installation? Is the box metal or plastic? If the box is metal and the wiring is wire within a metal enclosure...bx, is inherently grounded.
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