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Noisy counter-top microwave

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This morning when I tried to heat water for my usual cup of coffee, the counter-top microwave stared to hum and vibrate way louder than normal. This unit is 17 yrs. old. I was wondering if there are some easy steps as to what to check as oppose to just dumping it altogether. I noticed that if I hold or apply pressure to the covers around the top or sides of the unit, some of the vibration diminishes a little. Humming sound also appears to drop somewhat. Any clues what could be the cause?

Update: I tried warming up a piece of bread for 15 seconds and it did not work. Hope this helps.
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I'd start looking at new microwaves. Just a guess, but I'd say the magnetron (thing that actually generates the microwaves) may be dying. My 20+/- year-old microwave sounded much like yours and I had to replace it. Not a bad service life for a piece of electronic equipment; I doubt the replacement will last anywhere near that long. But then, I doubt I will either! :smile:
Thanks guys for checking in with your responses. I pretty much thought that my problem would be the magnetron. After 17 years, I have to assume that they are no longer on the market for my unit. I'm already shopping for a new one. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Have a good weekend.
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