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noisy circulation pump

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The circulation pump in my home is about 5 years old. It has been oiled on a regular basis and seems to have taken a liking to making sound now and then that would lead me to believe the bearings are shot. This consistent noise will occur for about two minutes then quit and become nice and quite for a half hour or so. While the noise is happening, I can lean on the motor and the noise will quit until I let up/off.

What's the diagnosis here? Do I need a new pump or should I mess with the bolts securing the pump to the water pipes?....
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What brand of pump is it?
I had a 1/12 h.p. Bell & Gossett ciculating pump last over 20 years (running 24/7) with regular maintenance. It began making noises --but come to find out, it was the coupler making the noises. I had put couplers on in the past, but they seemed to last less time with each one. I replaced the rubber mounting brackets on each end of the motor, and the couplers began lasting for years again. The rubber section in the brackets had sagged, causing the coupler to not line up perfectly, therefore wearing out the couplers prematurely. I did finally replace the unit, but i have no doubt it would likely still be running. I kept the electric motor for backup, just in case.
Hi Lightfoot
I've found that the spiral form couplers seems to tolerate that age related misalignment much better than the twin bar & spring couplers and they are quieter as well.
Thanks How,
I thought about changing to the spiral kind, but i bought a box full of brand new B & G couplers and rubber mounting rings ( for 5 bucks) at a plumbing supply place that was being auctioned off locally last year. I have enough of them to last 50 years if i need them. By the time i need more, it will be someone else's problem:thumbsup:
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