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noise from carlyle compressor, hissing sound

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i cleaned evaporator and condensing coil with water yesterday to get ready for summer. today i turned on ac and a noise and smoke came from the compressor unit, I switched off the main line.hissing noise kept on coming for a while and it went away. could you please advice what could be the problem. I have carrier unit with carlyle compressor. model number GC06YF003.
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Could be that the internal relief valve opened.
Thank you so much for your reply. Could you please tell me what do I have to do to fix it. Is it something I can do it on my own. I appreciate your help.
It may quit.. try it again. This isn't a diy fix
If the internal relief is open. Your not going to be able to really fix it.

Start it again. If it does it again. Call for service.

Unless, the OD fan is burnt up.
I tried again. The circuit breaker shuts off.
Call a tech.

May be a simple inexpesive repair.
Had an old Amana blow a compressor terminal right out of the casing. All the freon turned into phosgene gas and almost killed me. He may have a dead short to ground/winding shot. Need a tech to find out.
Thank you so much. I will call for service.
Had a 4 year old payne blow out the terminal block.

They got a new heat pump after that.
I may save someone's life with this story. Arrived at service call and found condensor fan spinning slowly. Could be a bad motor/capacitor etc. Go to shut off disconnect at unit, Sumb*tch had none. Compressor not running. Go inside to shut off breaker, lights in house dim and hear this funny whistling noise. Run outside and hear compressor try start, loud whooshing noise, burning smell and then huge cloud of phosgene gas. Compressor had "single phase scenario". One winding broken and touching the housing which made a complete electrical path to ground for the few seconds it took to overamp and blow out the terminals etc. Point being that if I would have touched the condensor I would be dead. Breaker tripped shortly. If you ever see a slow moving condensor fan be careful as these cheap single pole contactors will allow a circuit thru one side and allow this too happen. The double pole are more safe but no one uses them.
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Hissing Sound

Thank you so much. I will call for service.
Sounds like the compressor terminals got wet during washdown and when you started it up it blew out one of the terminals which caused the freon to leak out and make the hissing sound until it was empty. Proably need a new unit.
Any idea how much it is going to cost to replace the unit.
That varies with the area.
And the contractor you use.

Have it checked first, to find out what is wrong.
It could be a simple inexpensive repair.

Now is the time to consider higher efficiency unit.
Tax credit up to 30%(or $1500.00) of install cost if you get a qualifying unit installed.
Agree with been there

Call a HVAC tech and have him look at it and just give him a discription of what happened do not try to go in to detail.
It's hard on line to know what exactly what happened.
The internal relief could have opened if the outdoor fan did not come on and you would see some smoke from the water on the unit getting hot, however if the internal relief did open it will reset itself if the fan works properly and the unit don't overheat. The circuit breaker concerns me.
Thank you so much for your feedback and I really appreciate it.
I do not think the fan came on. I switched on AC and went out to see if the fan is working. From the distance I heard the short circuit noise (bang) and saw smoke and I switched the breaker off. I went back to the unit and heard the hissing noise which lasted for a while.I did not smell any kind of gas tough.
Still can't tell from here.

Possible shorted fan motor, blown capacitor, causing circuit trip. Really hard to tell at this point guess you have to call a tech.
The tech came and told me that the unit has to be replaced. i have carlyle scroll compressor. the round area where the wires are connected to the compressor is burnt.
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Don't forget, that you can get a tax CREDIT for a qualifying high efficiency unit.

30% up $1500.00
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