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No vents

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my plumbing in my house is severely outdated and not up to code it is leaking underneathe the toilet where it goes to the main line also none of my stuff in "vented." If I Run several vent tubes up the walls can I tie them all together the punch a hole in the side of the attic wall to pipe it outside?
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Did you have a pro come out and take a look at the DWV system or have the main rodded like I suggested from your other thread?

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I didn't have a pro come out since its sunday, but i went to the attic and looked down the walls and they don't have vents , they just have a pipe that goes down and there arent any vents in the crawl.......can i install a vent by tapping into the pipe in the wall and running a vent to the attic and using aa valve or will this work
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